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Unlock The Power Of Nature in CBD

Phenotype Premium, dedicated to producing the purest quality CBD to heal the mind, body and promote daily good health.



Our Products

Simple and effective, we offer a holistic approach to overcoming anxiety and reclaiming your life.


We obtain our CBD through gentle CO2 extraction, whereby the ingredients and purity of the hemp plant are preserved and remain chemical-free.


Pain Relief

It creates anti-inflammatory and painkilling effects; reducing neuropathic and chronic pain caused by migranes or arthritis.

Benefits Heart Health

It benefits the health of your heart, including reducing blood pressure and preventing heart damage.

Helps Anxiety

Pure CBD has a positive interaction with serotonin receptors in the brain, a neurotransmitter that regulates mood and social behaviour.

Combats Insomnia

It promotes vital REM sleep, allowing you to feel rejuvenated when you wake & helps reduce excessive daytime sleepiness.

Reduces Stress

It helps decrease traumatic and chronic stress in both humans and animals.

Relieves Cancer Treatment Symptoms

It helps reduce symptoms and side effects related to cancer treatment, like nausea, vomiting & pain.



Taking my drops religiously every morning and evening may be another drop at lunchtime, it depends on how I’m feeling. If I’m stressed, I’ll take a drop. I’m generally quite emotional, and I have definitely felt more together. The CBD buds are very enjoyable; my boyfriend really digs it!!


My Team and I decided to take CBD oil because we heard it was good for workout recovery, and we have felt the benefits of your medicine. This stuff is the bomb.

Adam, England.

Phenotype CBD brought two significant changes to my life, for the first time since I can remember I sleep soundly as in slept and woke up when my alarm when off. I quit consuming marijuana and CBD have the same calming effect without the head spin, the feeling of insecurity or the “hunger afterwards” which made lose many kgs all at the same time. Thanks Vivi X.

Caro, Spain.

I have been taking it for two days now, and I love it !!! Even the flavor is amazing — very nice product.

Louise, England.

From being an avid marijuana smoker in my early to late 20’s but making feel lethargic and hungry afterwards, I gave up! Decided to try
CBD recently as I had heard only good things which were all unbelievable true. It made me feel relax, but I also could continue with
my day with ease without side effects like hunger or paranoia. I can’t recommend Phenotype CBD highly enough, especially Harmony.

Zoe, Scotland.

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