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CBD Flowers


100% seed-free, 100% organic, CBD between 3% and 6%, GMO-Free. Each flower is handpicked and subjected to strict quality assurance tests.

100% Organic

Grown and cultivated organically without herbicides or pesticides, we only use natural fertilizers and effective microorganisms.

Controled indoor production

Cultivation takes place under optimal conditions in greenhouses, and our plants grow to maturity protected from the weather and any external contamination.


Production is cruelty-free & produced without any tests on animals; our products do not contain any animal-derived ingredients.

CO2 extraction

This process releases all of the essential cannabinoids, terpenes oils, and waxes from the plant material without the use of chemicals and solvents.


We take the utmost care that our oil is produced causing no harm to the natural ecosystem, we use a unique irrigation system that saves 86% of the water, which is then filtered, recycled and re-used.


We produce premium quality CBD oil, notable for its pure extracted phytocannabinoids, guaranteeing maximum effectiveness.

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Phenotype Premium
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07080 Palma
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Authorized Managing Directors: Christian Falck

VAT Identification Number: ESY2186863Z

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